Bilateral Knee Replacements – Crazy?!

Who does this? Both knees replaced at one time? Well, if both knees are equally ‘bad’ – why not? Do both at the same time, then learn to walk again with 2 injured knees. It bypasses dysfunctional functioning of pelvic and hip muscles – if you are going to limp, might as well limp equally. All muscles need to learn how to function again in a semi-normal fashion. It was rough – no lie. The pain was one thing, but the not being able to sleep because of the severe bone aching was another. No comfortable position can be obtained for the first 6 weeks. I was a sleep deprived, hurting, and frustrated baby needing a nap. At 3 months out, the deep ache is gone and I am sleeping. But I still have patellar pain/tendinitis from trying to do too much. I back to work full time, probably too soon. But I figured, let’s see what these new babies can do. I was totally exhausted after the first week, but my walking gait is just about normal now. Would I do it again the same way? You betcha! In 3 more months, I should be back to normal – whatever that is. Still a work in progress!


Image result for photos of knee replacement

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