Well, retirement does eventually happen, and fortunately I did it young enough – age 55. Work just got too hard, and I was increasingly unhappy. It was never my passion, although I was great at it and totally succeeded in achieving my goals. In looking back, (and lots of therapy), I did all that schooling and achievement to be able to have a career that was portable, and mine. I did not have to worry about losing a job and not being able to find another one – this was my father’s model for me.  So, I became a surgeon out of fear of job loss. I would always be able to find another job somewhere, totally in my control. But, I did not identify personally with actually BEING a surgeon – I was a person who did surgery. So, once the retirement decision was made, (going through Kubler-Ross’ 5 stages of grief/dying), it actually was easy to just leave it behind. I look forward to my next life, and my next pursuit, with maturity and consciousness. It feels great just living and being quiet in myself. I find myself much more willing to contact my ‘people’ for chat and play. I have energy again! retirement_beach_chairs-1

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